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Gerry Glynn Fitted Kitchens

It is essential that all the correct measurements are taken prior to your kitchen being fitted by us this is why careful planning goes into each and every project we complete which will cut down on unnecessary alterations being made later as everything will be thought out thoroughly. We can design contemporary kitchens, classic kitchens and modern kitchen islands.

We are on hand to offer you advice all along the way and welcome your  ideas and input as a valuable part of the entire kitchen or bedroom wardrobe fitout.  Each project is unique which is why we always enjoy the challenge and new learning curve that we experience on each fitout.  It is essential that you have the correct amount of shelves and storage space to suit your needs. We will custom design everything to the exact measurements you require and fit and hang all wardrobe doors to give a modern and unique feel to your bedroom or kitchen area.  

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